About Us

About Rawi Warin
Ko Lanta Yai is an island in southern Thailand's Krabi Province. Located in the Andaman Sea, it boasts beautiful unspoiled nature and rich marine and forest ecosystems. Rawi Warin Resort & Spa is tucked into a private corner of Khong Toab Beach, with direct access to the sea and stunning views from the hillside rooms and villas. Rawi Warin is designed to exist in harmony with nature, and special attention was given to conserving existing trees and preserving the lush tropical forest.

"We Go Green"

Rawi Warin is dedicated to delivering 5-star hospitality, luxury accommodation, and exceptional convenience while still being eco-friendly and appreciating our natural surroundings. We have a strict and consistent environmental policy for our resort, including wastewater management and treatment, waste sorting, reducing use of plastic materials, beach cleaning, toxic-free vegetable gardening, conservation of resources and energy, reducing use of paper, using recycled materials, turning off air conditioning and electricity in the office during the lunch breaks, etc. All these efforts ensure that our resort is maximizes its sustainability, respects the environment and fosters awareness among our staff and suppliers.

Nature and Ecosystem at Rawi Warin

Rawi Warin proudly features lush tropical rainforest with a diverse range of beautiful wild plants. We maintain and preserve the trees to keep nature at its best. There are trees that provide shades and edible fruits such as tamarind, coconut, banana, and jackfruit. Our grounds have beautiful flowers with lovely fragrances (especially at night) like frangipani, white champaca, orange jasmine, water jasmine, and orchid trees. Large tree species are also abundant, and include golden rain tree, the weeping fig, the Burma padauk, the suicide tree, kedah bungor, and Bengal almond. During the rainy season, moss covers stones like a green carpet. A large pond at the heart of the resort provides a shelter for a variety of turtles and fish. In the resort, creatures we welcome as guests include hermit crabs, monkeys, monitor lizards, and birds of different species. A stroll from the beach up the hillside is a leisure activity that allows you to get close to nature's true beauty.