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Rawi Warin Resort & Spa

Rawi Warin Resort & Spa is an award-winning luxury resort located in Lanta Island of Krabi, south of Thailand. Serene and secluded, Rawi Warin sits proudly between the beautiful Andaman sea and the abundant tropical rainforest of the island of Lanta Yai. In 60600 sqm resort area, it consists of 185 rooms in villa-type accommodations. Rawi Warin Resort & Spa is located in the middle of Lanta Island and 2 hours away from Krabi Airport by van and ferry. The resort can be accessed by land and water transportation with vans operating on schedule or private pick-up services and with ferries and speedboats from Krabi mainland as well as from Phuket and Phi Phi Islands to the resort.

Rawi Warin is dedicated to deliver our product and service of luxury combined with experience of natural and eco-friendly environment in all aspects as possible.


We believe that going "Green" at Rawi Warin Resort & Spa creates a sustainable holiday lifestyle in luxury with nature that would sure to give experience that will make you come back to stay again and again.

Among our many environmental care projects at Rawi Warin is to improve energy efficiency from renewable resources, water conservation, waste minimization and reforestation. Rawi Warin also established a green policy through generation of water resource by ozone system. From materials to food ingredients, we make sure to source and provide from natural suppliers that commit to environment sustainability and deliver fresh and safe trustworthy supplies for the satisfaction of our guests.

"We Go Green"

We are continuously working to improve our environmental performance in many areas including energy efficiency, renewable energy use, water conservation, waste minimization and sustainable procurement. And in the day-to-day operations of the resort we have established a green policy to provide a green environment to the customers. Every drop of water used in the resort is generated from ozone system. It makes our water become cleaner, safer and more human friendly. Every product used in the resort is purely natural. We truly concern about food and ingredient. We guarantee that our seafood is the freshest from the sea and our meat is selected from a trustworthy supplier. We also grow our own non-chemical vegetable plantation in the resort so that our customer can enjoy the healthy and fresh food. Moreover every year Rawi Warin Resort and Spa has been replanting the forest to give what it takes back to the nature.


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At Rawi Warin Resort we have 2 restaurants to cater for your dining needs.
Koh Lanta is considered as a hub to the famous islands nearby, Koh Rok, Koh Muk and Koh Phi Phi.
Find your dream island wedding fulfilled at Rawi Warin Resort & Spa.
Here at Rawi Warin Resort and Spa, our team is dedicated to providing our guests with an excellent service.
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